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The eminent trustee of Shiv Shakti Ashish Trust successfully managing more than 11 reputed educational institutes and is well known for its academic excellence and its contribution to the awareness of higher education in students and society throught out Gujarat.

Being Managing Director of one of the most reputed educational institute of Surendranagar I must take responsibility to look after the development of each student of the institute, there for we always cater precious management and environment to the each department of the institute.

I am really thankful to all the parents and students for their tremendous support and faith shown to the institution from its establishment in 2004. With this, I would like to give a message to all the students and parents that obedience, punctuality and hard work are the key element to get success in each stage of life.

Indrasinh S. Zala
(Businessmen and Educationalist)

Shiv Shakti Ashish Trust

Student life is one of the most constitution periods for each student, where every second they get deep knowledge of endurance from their respectable professors. So that we are providing best environment, experienced and honest faculties, and make them aware of advance technology, which means to valuable assets for them life time.

Through my personal evaluation, I want to admit to all the parents that students are neither lazy nor unproductive but they are ignored or missing appropriate direction or facing the problem of defective education system. Actually they need proper care & inspiration for creative thinking. If they get truthful guide, each student can contribute their best to the society and also can expand themselves to the crown. We provide them systematic, deep education, freedom to implement their imagination and best teachers and keep concentrate on each student to make them goal oriented.

Pritiba Manharsinh Vaghela

Shiv Shakti Ashish Trust

The Principal will be key position of the institution. Without his valuable insight, able administration and seminal role, no institution can claim its way to glory. This demands complete autonomy of power in terms of selection and purchasing of books, subscription of national & international journals & provision of sufficient amount for R & D. In order to empower the principal and enable him to discharge his duties and advance the vision, he will to solely independent of the governing body. He is to be in direct contact with the President and the Vice-president of the Trust.

Campus Director

Campus of the institution plays a crucial role in encouraging the academic pursuits fostering independent thinking and ensuring continuous interactions between the faculty members and students. The campus director is a seminal figure in securing, maintaining and developing the campus. He will ensure the hygiene in the canteen, cleanliness of the campus, and hostel rooms. He will be responsible for the landscaping and its maintenance, which will create a pleasant ambience. He will be also in charge of maintaining the basketball court, volleyball court, football ground and facilities for indoor sports like carom, chess, badminton and table tennis. Since all the other lower staff will report to the campus director directly, the campus director can focus solely on campus development with all the academic responsibilities completely shouldered by the principal.